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Tips for mobile or cell phone durable and long lasting

1. Get used to charge the battery in a state of non-active Hp.
This meant that the conditions and battery life is not fast drop. The reason is, because if a higher charge in the active Hp position, the flow of electric power will continue to flow into it, and sometimes lead batteries 'pregnant' alias swell. Hp another story if the technology was already adopting features 'automatic power outages' when the power is full. This feature can only be found on the output of 2008 hp and above. And the average time charge Hp between 1-3 hours for batteries that are still normal.

2. Clean the entire surface of the casing and screen Hp with oil telon or tissue specific.
This meant that the condition and appearance of Hp remain 'cling' like new, also removes dust spots or sweating hands. Just do it regularly once a week. The reason is, telon oil does not damage the casing (plastic or stainless) and do not leave footprints in Hp due to the soft nature of his substance. Unlike when you use alcohol or other volatile liquids, making it even more dull and damaged layers of the casing Hp.

3. Wear gloves appropriate silicon.
This is meant to reduce the impacts when Hp is dropped, or minimize the scratches that occur. Do not get used to wearing gloves made of leather or other hard materials. The reason is that silicon is made of elastic and pliable material that follows the shape of Hp. Unlike leather gloves, which may make Hp scuffed and scratched by iron or magnetic buttons found on the glove. In fact, not infrequently these magnets attract LCD Hp be biased. Except for such classy sheath Wellcomm brand, Royal, Solid, Alvaro, etc.

4. Use the original or branded accessories.
This is so that your handset avoid permanent damage because of support tools that are not compatible. The reason is, artificial accessories often do not follow standard procedures that have been defined by the manufacturer of Hp. Besides the battery, may be acceptable not to wear the original. In the market was the difference in price between the original and the imitation is very remote. But prioritizing quality and satisfaction.

5. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPRS, when not intended for consumption digunakan.Ini quickly exhausted because the battery is not siphoned off by the earlier features. Also for your cell phone via bluetooth safe from viruses spread by people for fun as it gets a Bluetooth signal from your cell phone.

Pasang Iklan Handphone

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Tips For Buying Cell Phone

After reading several opinions I became aware of how confusing and time consuming the simple task of going to the mall and searching for a new cell phone (telefone celular) can be. There are so many options, brands, models, deals and services available that one can get very confused when it is time to make a choice of which is the best deal to choose from all the options available. Thinking about this problem, I decided to point out a few suggestions and I hope it can be of good use for those who want to save some time, money and find better deals.

Before deciding to buy a cell phone (telefone celular) handset it is wise to really know what your needs are and which type of service will serve you better. If you are an occasional user of a mobile phone, perhaps you may want to consider a service that offers the prepaid charges rather that the service that charges you by the month.

The prepaid choice seems to be very attractive for those on a low budget and also simply because it will give you total control of how much money you want to spend, let`s say in one month or during a certain time. This service is also known as pay as you go. It is by far the most popular plan available today. Keep in mind that with this plan, there is no contract to sign and therefore no penalties involved in case one decides to quit or use another service.

Don`t be an impulsive buyer, before you make any decisions on purchasing a brand or model, I strongly suggest you to look for the online deals available. I personally have found very attractive deals on the internet and the online deals have become very popular with most users. Carefully check the options, prices, features on each model and compare the final costs with the models available at your local shop. Keep in mind that the overhead expenses the traditional shops have are the main reason for the same product to cost much more than the similar product obtained from an online source. Always prefer payments with credit cards, which will offer more security for the online transaction.

Since there are several models and brands of cell phones (telefone celular) available in the market today, you may want to choose what seems to be most appealing to you regardless of its size, shape or design. You are the one who will be using it and you should be pleased with your choice.

Many new features and gadgets have been added to the new generation of cell phones (telefone celular). Most major brands have a variety of models that will certainly satisfy from the simpler to the most sophisticated user. The latest mobile phones have capabilities which include video calling, video recording, digital camera, mp3 player, GPS tracking system and other features. So if you don`t need any of these features, you may just want to stick to the basic and no frills type of handset which is much less expensive to purchase and much simpler to use.

By: Roberto Sedycias

GPS Cell Phone

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was funded, developed and controlled by the US Department of Defense. Since the late seventies, GPS has become an important aid to navigation around the world. Initially designed for the US military, GPS became publicly available years later and it is now considered an important feature in lots of consumer products.

How does GPS work? Well, basically there are three elements that make everything work: satellites, earth monitoring stations and receivers (ex: cell phone, telefone celular). GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver, enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time.

Today, most cell phones (telefone celular) are not limited to carry on just a conversation. Features like mp3 player, digital camera and video camera have all become standards in the latest cell phone models. It is expected that the GPS feature will soon be added to this list, and it will offer the capability of tracking any cell phone user.

The capability of tracking a cell phone user becomes important in emergency situations, like a car accident, thru the use of 911 emergency phone call, where every minute may be a matter of life or death. In situation like this, the GPS system may pinpoint the exact location of the road accident, enabling emergency services to be quickly dispatched.

It is important to mention that so far most GPS system in cell phone (telefone celular) is restricted to tracking information only. However, one can have navigational capability thru the use of full screen cell phone/PDA combos with map displays and other cellular phone accessories, and third party paid services. If one does not want to sign up for a monthly paid subscription service, he can make use of one-time-paid-only software programs that will enable some of the navigational capabilities.

Although there are many benefits in using GPS cell phones (telefone celular), there are some people who are concerned about the violation of personal privacy. Since the US Congress has not authorized location tracking without actual evidence of wrongdoing, there have been court hearings which have not approved the requests of government agencies in obtaining the cell phone GPS tracking information for suspects or ordinary citizens.

This privacy matter has made some progress towards the cell phone user`s rights, since there are some laws that have been passed which guarantees that GPS cell phone users will have some protection from the release of the tracking information, with the exception of 911 emergency cell phone calls (telefone celular). It is expected that these laws will guarantee that the benefits of GPS in cell phones will be enjoyed by everyone without infringing anybody`s privacy.

Sometimes when there is a technological innovation, there are also some concerns about privacy or some rights infringements. But no matter how much of a concern this is, it seems that a compromise will always have to be reached, so that new technologies will take their places in everyone`s lives. After all, we all live in a globalized consumer world. By the way, have you already got your GPS cell phone?

By: Roberto Sedycias